PREPORUKA: The Pseudoarchaeology Research Archive (PARA)

Odličan sajt sa većim brojem naučnih tekstova o različitim pseudonaučnim temama:

Članci dostupni na sajtu:
Emma Johnson, The Players, the Problems, and the Persistence of Forgeries in Biblical Archaeology
Madeline Chamberlain, Elaine Morgan’s Feminism: Did it Hinder the Aquatic Ape Theory?
Kristen Dobbin, Interpretations of an Interpretation: Faults in Temple’s Theory Based on the Ethnographic Method
Katherine Saunders-Hastings, Lost Races, Found Histories: Politics and Power in Colonial (Pseudo)Archaeology
Randy Pinsky, The Davenport Conspiracy: Revisited and Revised
Sara Ross, Biblical Archaeology and Pseudoarchaeology: In Pursuit of Exodus
Chelsee Arbour, Megaliths, Man and the Cosmos: Implications for both Archaeology and Pseudoarchaeology
Jessica Beck, Postprocessual Archaeology and Paganism: Different Approaches to Megaliths?
Anna Titcomb, Scientific Inquiry Into Bigfoot, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Sasquatch
Vanessa Ward, Nationalist Uses of the Atlantis Myth in a Nordic Framework
Amelia Boaks, Why Piltdown and not the Davenport Tablets?

Emma Johnson, The ‘Mysterious’ Nazca Lines
Randy Pinsky, An Archaeological Endeavour to Locate the Mythical City of Camelot
Sara Ross, The Ica Stones and Dr. Javier Cabrera
Sara Olchowski, The Goddess Lives! Communing with the Mother Goddess on the Internet


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